Is Beyond Meat a good buy in 2020?

Beyond meat have been on a roll since 2009 where the sales are constantly rising. There is no danger in saying that the future of this company is very bright. Being the only major beg meat producer who is trusted, the stocks tell another story. This is because there has been a fall in the stock prices of NASDAQ BYND.

This doesn’t mean that the company is about to fall to the ground. You should know that the current prices of the stocks are not because of only weak performance. There are a bunch of reasons which equally contribute to the fall in stock rates. Beyond meat has always been the safest entity to invest in because the stocks are very cheap. 

In addition to that, it offers guaranteed returns. Bow, a question arises about the investment in Beyond meat in 2020. There is no need for you to worry about where we are with this article. 

● First of all, Beyond meat has been a profitable venture since its arrival in 2009. Due to the increasing awareness of animal slaughtering, vegetarian meals are becoming popular. You would find many major food entities like McDonald’s and Subway, increasing the menu options in Vegetarian corner. This is all because of the veg revolution, which has a great future. In the year 2019, IPO was announced for Beyond meat which was the biggest turnaround. The stock rates took a rise to 859%, which was exceptional. 

● After some months, Beyond meat suddenly took a fall which was not at all expected. This was all because of Covid-19 pandemic, which made it very difficult for Beyond Meat to carry out its activities. All over the world, the lockdown was practised, which didn’t let food entities remain open. This was a huge setback for Beyond meat which made the stock rates to drastically fall down. 

● Coming to 2020, we highly recommend you to buy Beyond meat. This would be quite shocking for you because the upper section indicates all opposition to it. You should understand that all countries are now relaxing the lockdowns and many food firms are re-opening. There is a thin line to understand this. Suppose you are looking for immediate returns, the. Beyond meat is not for you. There have been predictions which states that in the year 2021, stock rates are supposed to increase. 

● You can buy the stocks of Beyond meat for huge future returns because once this all is over, sales are supposed to rise again. Therefore, at that time returns against stocks would be high. 

Before buying the stock of Beyond, you can check its balance sheet at Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.